Empower Your Steps

MKBDoorgaan.nl helped entrepreneur Rosanna Jong to find financing for a car and resources for her dance school.

The company

Empower Your Steps is a dance school for young and old. Owner Rosanna & nbsp; Jong provides both regular lessons and workshops for primary  and secondary schools. 

The problem

With passion, I recently started an Empower Your Steps dance school for young and old. In addition to the regular lessons for young and old, I also give workshops primary- and secondary schools throughout the Netherlands. For this I needed more resources and a car because it was best to travel to distant places by train. Because of this, I often had to cancel assignments. With the means I want to promote the dance school more to recruit more customers. When applying for a loan I received many rejections because the banks consider it too great a risk.

The solution

MKBDoorgaan.nl searched for the right financier and I was also referred to the Corporate Finance Knowledge Center to adjust my business plan. I give a lot of workshops throughout the Netherlands but I needed transport for this. MKBDoorgaan.nl gave me a lot of options, among other things to contact car lease companies for starting entrepreneurs. Thanks to this advice, I was able to sign a contract and pick up my car within a week. At the moment my business plan gets a huge shift which makes it easier to apply for a loan for the resources that are still needed to prepare my dance school.

The services of MKBDoorgaan.nl was and is incredibly good and familiar. It was nice that MKBDoorgaan.nl was thinking along with me and I could go to my advisor with all questions. As a starting entrepreneur I found it very difficult to walk the right path. MKBDoorgaan.nl was for me a bridge to all the tools I need to be able to do business in freedom and motivated.

With Empower Your Steps it is now super and the prospects are great! I can now give more workshops throughout the Netherlands. Once the plan is complete I can continue to submit a financing application with a renewed plan! And MKBDoorgaan.nl is still helping me.


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