Errakal N.V.

Director Eric Fredrikze of Errakal N.V. in Geleen found the right financing for his company thanks to

The company

Errakal N.V. calibrates quantity meters on gases and liquids. Calibration can be compared to checking a scale in the supermarket. You want the kilo you weigh is really a kilo. 

The problem

The house bank of Errakal N.V. was no longer interested and therefore I had to look for new financiers. I was looking for contacts who had a good name and could help me. 

The solution brought me in contact with contacts who could help us. Among others, a crowdfund coach from Collin Crowdfund helped us a lot. Together with Rabobank and a third independent party, a financing construction has been set up. And that is effective right now. You can see this financing as a growth financing. I expect turnover growth of three times the current turnover and us workforce will increase with two employees.  

The speed of was overwhelming and thanks to the help the ball started rolling. The contacts with whom they had brought me into contact also responded quickly and interestedly.