GlassCare helped Glass Care in the field of financing and business coaching.

The company

Henk Veldman has a company in car windows and truck windows. In addition, GlassCare is also involved in the blinding of car windows. GlassCare does this for a large part for garages and transport companies.

The problem

It was clear that it was not going well with our company. Turnover was declining and we were dealing with the effects of the crisis in full force, as the entire car industry was dealing with. But even as an entrepreneur, there was chaos in my head. 

The solution

We are helped in two ways by The financing was again reviewed and I was allowed to use company coaching. That has really been a turning point for me in how I work in my company and also how I function myself. The company is doing well now and I have again taken on staff. We have grown more than 10 percent in sales for two consecutive years. We are just doing well again.

What appealed to me very much was the personal approach that I took; for the first time I was not inconvenient, but I was really understood. If I had not had this help at the right time, I think I should have stopped with this business. 

Business advice