Het wapen van Ens

Horeca entrepreneur Dennis Goossens of Het Wapen van Ens asked MKBDoorgaan.nl for help with a financial problem.

The company

Restaurant and Conference Center The weapon of Ens is the catering business of Dennis Goosens.

The problem

Because of the change of the N50 I have had very difficult times and there was a financial problem. My future financier could not meet that demand. So when I went I search for other roads. I then joined MKBDoorgaan.nl through the association of entrepreneurs in the Noordoostolder municipality. 

The solution

Once in contact with MKBDoorgaan.nl, a follow-up appointment was quickly made and I was assigned a business administrator. This business manager has opened my eyes again and, together with me, looked at the solutions that were available. At At that time I also applied for my financial institution, where I had the feeling beforehand that I would receive no answer and that turned out to be true. 

Through the business administration I then got the option to finance via the MKBDoorstartfonds. That was a very nice and clear proposal. Only during the process did other possibilities arise and also a new financier. I used the information that I received from the business manager to make the funding application. And it worked. Partly because the MKBDoorstartfonds offered opportunities, my current financial institution also saw opportunities in the whole story. In addition, the business manager of MKBDoorgaan.nl also provided me with a catering advisor. That was very useful. 

From the moment I arrived at MKBDoorgaan.nl with my question they took me seriously, listened to my story, immersed in it and searched for solutions.