Innovative Learning to Learn

Process director Marga Janse got insight, thanks to, into what steps she can take as an entrepreneur.

The company

Marga Janse, owner of Innovative Learning Learning, is process director of change processes. I make sure that people who work together in a new situation can also do this in a good and fun way. They often wonder 'How do we actually do that?' In my role as trainer / coach I help them with that. 

The problem

I once established a stamrecht eg when I left my last employer and eleven years later I wondered if this is still a good construction to undertake. I was very worried about that and thinking about it. Someone in my network then advised me to contact

The solution

It started with an extensive telephone conversation where many issues were discussed. Then I spoke with an advisor from and he advised me to talk to a tax specialist. I did that too and that was incredibly clear. Why did I never do that before, I thought to myself. This has all taken place in a very short time frame. It went fast and it was very nice. It was very nice that an independent organization like participated with me.