Thijs Logistiek

Marius Verschuuren of Thijs Logistiek found growth financing thanks to

The company

Thijs Logisitiek specializes in distribution in the Benelux. The company can reach the whole Benelux within 24 hours and they do that with very fine-meshed distribution. Thijs Logistiek employs 125 people.

The problem

Thijs Logistiek grew considerably and the need for growth financing arose. Through the traditional channels director Marius Verschuuren could not get this financing. 

The solution helped us by bringing me into contact with different channels that could help us with financing. And so the help has led to a financier that we have been able to commit to Thijs Logistiek.

The services provided by went very quickly and all possibilities for financing are reviewed. The help has brought me a lot of rest.