Tip Top Toers

Erwin Mulder from transport company Tip Top Toers got the financing to buy a big bus thanks to the help of MKBDoorgaan.nl.

The company

From the very beginning in 2002 Tip Top Tour is active in passenger transport with a small 15-seater, with which owner Erwin Mulder did a lot of driving for different target groups / activities. For example, concert goers, bachelor parties, actors for theater performances, school trips, but also in the case of train braking. Meanwhile, his son Jesse Mulder is co-owner of Tip Top Tour. 

The problem

We would like to purchase a large bus, but for each financier we were asked for figures regarding a big bus. Since we did not have a big bus yet, we could not do anything with our current figures.

The solution

Through our accountant we came into contact with MKBDoorgaan.nl. One immediately knew how to approach, repack and not let go. All the paths we could walk have been walked. With the wonderful end result that we could purchase our big bus.

It goes extremely well with Tip Top Tours, we can not live up to the demand for our beautiful bus, in fact, the idea for a second bus is gaining momentum.