If you need help in financing, business advice or coaching you can ask for a free call:

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    On the basis of an exploratory discussion we map out the current situation of your company and we give a first advice. Then a quick scan gives a general insight into the viability of your company. If further steps are required, we refer you to a specialized party that can help you further.

If you make use of the independent and free service of MKBDoorgaan.nl you can sign up for a free conversation.

You should not do anything, but if you are looking for financing that is almost inevitable. Family or friends can perhaps convince you with enthusiastic stories to invest in your  company. But no matter how good you have your plan once you get to a bank, crowdfunder or other financier, that is not enough: they want clear insight into the risks of a loan. 

Apart from that, a business plan helps you to make ideas concrete and translate them into practical activities. It is therefore preferably to set up such a business plan yourself. Of course you can use the knowledge of third parties, for example the KvK or Qredits. Read more on https://ondernemersplein.kvk.nl/ or on https://qredits.nl.

No. The quick scan of MKBDoorgaan.nl gives a global insight into the problem and financial situation of your company. Together with you the MKBDoorgaan.nl adviser maps out the possibilities and the desired actions. Incase you agree, the advisor puts you directly into contact with the organization in the 'second line'.

In order to determine the level of any company credit and to check whether your company is viable with this financial support, a feasibility study will be carried out on behalf of the financing institution in almost all cases..

MKBDoorgaan.nl itself does not provide loans, but wants to help entrepreneurs make their business (again) viable. Various network partners can be called in: in the area of financing or debt assistance, but also business advice or coaching may be required. In the quickscanning interview the advisor of MKBDoorgaan.nl determines together with the entrepreneur what the next step is.

MKBDoorgaan.nl is primarily a portal to which various parties cooperate. To make the process run smoothly, it has been decided for the time being to keep all contacts digital.

Thanks to the support of Institute Gak, provinces (Flevoland, North Brabant, North Holland, Overijssel, Zeeland) and municipalities (Almere, Dronten, Eindhoven, Hoorn, Lelystad, Noordoostpolder, Urk and Zeewolde), our help is free of charge.