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At more than 160 specialized parties are connected in the field of business advice, coaching and financing to help entrepreneurs. One of these is Van Engel Legal.

Van Engel Legal is a law firm founded by Adeny van Engel, which is fully specialized in commercial contracts, such as franchise, distribution and licensing agreements. In addition to being a lawyer, Adeny van Engel is also a mediator and franchise coach.

Why is Van Engel Legal affiliated with

The mission of appeals to me very much. Providing help to entrepreneurs when it is still possible and finding the solution in multiple possibilities. Sometimes the problem is purely financial, but very often there is more to the problem. The advisers try to find out, after which they call in a specialist if necessary so that a total solution is provided for the entrepreneur. In my advice I always go for the total solution, and if something happens to the entrepreneur that I do not understand, then I refer them by.

Furthermore, I find a low-threshold organization. Entrepreneurs with problems often find it difficult enough to ask for help and then it is nice that there is an organization with which they can easily contact and offer them a total solution.

By joining as a second-line party at I can show that I agree with their mission and that their mission is also mine. Furthermore, it is also nice to be connected to a professional organization with so many specialized parties. As far as I am concerned, more partner days may come. On these days you not only see the range of the various services, but you also meet the people behind the services, which will make you feel part of the whole. I like that!

What can Van Engel Legal mean for entrepreneurs who register at

As a specialist in franchise law, I assist both franchisees and franchisors in all matters related to the franchise relationship. This can be, for example, in the field of tenancy law, intellectual property rights, competition law, but also the AVG. By acting for both parties I often know which interests are involved. Parties need each other in order for the formula to be successful. I can respond to that in my advice.

I can help entrepreneurs get a clear view of the problems they face in the franchise relationship. Whether this is on the legal or the social emotional level, together we work towards the desired goal.

Sometimes a procedure is needed and sometimes a good conversation between the two parties can be sufficient for mutual understanding. A solution is quickly in sight. My skills as a mediator then are very handy.

Entrepreneurs who register at can get advice on all franchise related matters for a reduced rate. By applying a reduced price, I contribute to the low threshold of

What is the added value of for you? is very valuable to me as a one-man lawyer's office, because I have a team of expert business experts and specialists at my disposal that I can use to spar regularly. In addition, I can refer my clients to other specialists if necessary, so that the total solution can be offered.

What is your experience with the entrepreneurs that you have already been able to help through

The entrepreneurs whom I have been able to help through all have a viable business, but still need some help in a number of areas. My help has been fairly legal to date, but I have also been able to provide my services as a mediator. These entrepreneurs are very passionate and grateful for the advice I give them, which they can immediately put into practice.?.

What would you like to give entrepreneurs with (financial) problems or growth challenges?

No problem is unsolvable but sometimes you have to shift the focus to see the solution. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your environment or experts.

Getting help is not a sign of weakness, but rather of strength!

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