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MKBDoorgaan.nl is a nationally operating, independent, not-for-profit foundation that organizes early identification of (financial) problems and offers assistance to SME entrepreneurs and freelancers with a core business that is viable, but who need help to keep healthy.

The pillars of MKBDoorgaan.nl

  • Early detection: in order to find those entrepreneurs with (imminent) problems on time, MKBDoorgaan.nl cooperates with a large number of national parties such as banks, the tax authorities and accounting firms.
  • Analysis of demand-behind-the-question: an independent and objective business consultant approaches the problem from all sides to get the essence of the problem and the possible solution to the surface.
  • 'Warm' transfer to a specialized party: MKBDoorgaan.nl seeks the most appropriate access to parties in all areas that an entrepreneur needs at that time: financing (including growth capital), legal services (including debt counseling) and business advice.

MKBDoorgaan.nl offers as a 'linking pin' not only a fast, but also the best fitting connection between help demand and practical support.

“"MKBDoorgaan.nl wants to reach and help those companies that have come or are in (financial) problems, but that have a viable future perspective, or that experience obstacles in growth: financially viable within their market and branch and have access to to retain and expand the right entrepreneurial skills and thus (vulnerable) employment. "”

MKBDoorgaan.nl is housed in a non-profit foundation. The MKBDoorgaan.nl.nl Foundation was established on 7 March 2014 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 60179473.

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