Whether it goes well or less well with your company, every entrepreneur sometimes walks around with questions. How do you get working capital? Which direction do you want to take with your company? How do you reach more customers? How can you grow your business? We are happy to help you with those kinds of questions. You can sign up for a free call with below.

What can you expect?
By means of a telephone informative conversation we bring the current situation of your company. If applicable, a hot transfer to a specialized party will take place further helps. In some cases, a personal interview takes place in which we perform a quick scan. This quick scan gives a general insight into the (financial) situation of your company and what the possibilities are for improvement and/or growth. If further steps are desirable, a hot transfer will take place to a specialized party that will help you further.

Thanks to the support of, among others, the Institut Gak, provinces and municipalities, help from is free of charge.

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