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mkbdoorgaan.nl_foto_website_werkwijze.jpgInformative conversation
In the first contact, we take stock of the current situation of your company and give you a first recommendation based on the goals you pursue with your company.

By means of a quick scan, a global insight can quickly be gained into the viability of your company. In a number of cases the quickscan will be sufficient to help you, but it may also be that further steps are needed, such as refinancing, adjusting strategy, coaching or reviewing obligations.

When more follow-up steps are required, we bring you (after your approval) into contact with a specialized party from our network who can help you further. Our network consists of more than 150 parties specialized in financing, business advice, coaching and legal services. Depending on the request for help, the following themes are addressed:

  • Refinancing:
    If your company is viable and refinancing is necessary for the restart or further growth of your company, then a business economic research will take place. This research serves as a starting point for the necessary refinancing. This can consist of, for example, maintaining or expanding existing loans or additional financing.
  • Adjusting strategy:
    Depending on the quick scan, it may be necessary to adjust the strategy of a company. If necessary, a coach can be called in to assist you for a longer period of time.

Thanks to the support of, among others, the Institut Gak, provinces and municipalities, the help from MKBDoorgaan.nl is free of charge. Click on the button below to sign up for a free call.

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