Why MKBDoorgaan.nl?

Every entrepreneur can happen: come into financial trouble. Due to a changing economy and changing laws and regulations, banks are less likely to issue loans. A healthy company in the core can therefore get into trouble, with all (including personnel) consequences.


The goal of MKBDoorgaan.nl is to prevent premature bankruptcy by means of early signaling and the availability of all 'medicines'. The effects:

  • the entrepreneur can then continue to provide for his own income;
  • jobs will be retained; here, special attention is paid to maintaining jobs for vulnerable groups: the elderly, the low-skilled and people with a longer 'job duration' than average;
  • damage for all parties involved is limited as much as possible.

Helping entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs do not report or (too) late at authorities because they do not know where they can go, do not always properly assess the position of their company, are ashamed or are otherwise emotionally unwilling to adjust the company. In addition, the limited target group of the Bbz (Decree on assistance for the self-employed) is a bottleneck. Entrepreneurs with a partner with an income above assistance level can not rely on this scheme, and usually do not receive a loan from the bank and other lenders. However, at least half of these companies are viable and can generate sufficient turnover through a bridging loan.

Prevent economic damage and retain employment

If entrepreneurs want to be able to continue their business in the event of a temporary economic downturn, the facilities that can be used to prevent company closures or that enable a successful restart must be in order. This avoids unnecessary economic damage and employment can be secured or even extended. This is certainly important if a company has vulnerable employees, such as the elderly and the low-skilled. MKBDoorgaan.nl is therefore also for entrepreneurs who are looking for growth financing and are stuck with it.