Zet.Es.Em Koeriers & Sneltransport

MKBDoorgaan.nl brought owners Hilde and Wout into contact with the right people who could help them with their issues.

Het bedrijf

Zet.Es.Em Koeriers & Sneltransport is a courier company of Hilde en Wout that started with one car twenty years ago. The company now has 25 cars. 

Het probleem

Partly due to the growth of our company, we (Hilde and Wout) were confronted with issues that we did not immediately answer: Is our business form still appropriate or can we better convert it to a BV? Our children want to take over the company in a few years. How do we deal with this? Two of our regular customers went bankrupt. How do we deal with this legally and in the future? A permanent employee came into the sickness law. We got to deal with all sorts of rules and laws. We also wanted advice on this since it was new to us.

De oplossing

Regional manager Margo Huijerjans went to our office and this was really a revelation for us. It was great how she provided us with handles for the problems we encountered. She put us in touch with the right people for our problems and questions for the future. This resulted in a good relationship with Ruud van Weerden, a man who has his knowledge on all fronts of the transport and who now regularly comes along to see how things are going.

It was the first time that we asked advice at MKBDoorgaan.nl and that has been a real success for us. Information from the internet or from colleagues is fun, but very insecure. Margo Huijerjans knows how to indicate the right way to walk.

We are still in the transition phase from V.O.F to BV. As in the entire transport industry, I think it's very good. New vehicles have been ordered and four drivers have been hired. Furthermore, one of our truck drivers has started a training course to CE. The turnover is already 40% more than the period in 2017. The support of MKBDoorgaan.nl has certainly not done us any harm.